Ways AI can Automate Routine Tasks

Ways AI can Automate Routine Tasks

1. Automating Customer Support and Service

2. AI: The Game Changer Of Software Testing

  • Visual validation by performing visual testing on applications
  • Increased and improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Better test coverage
  • Reduction in costs and defects
  • Saves time and faster time to market.
  • Editing content in less duration

3. Creating Jobs And Integrating Human Workflows

4. Channelizing Future Strategies And Planning

5. Increasing The Speed Of Routine-based Marketing Efforts

6. Replace Day-to-day Low-level Cognitive Tasks

7. Transforming The PR Work

8. Automation Of Sales

  • Finding leads: Predicting the time when customers or target audiences might benefit from being contacted
  • Invoicing: Checking credit and invoicing new and existing clients
  • Processing orders: It includes processing Order, stock management, and upselling queries
  • Tracking shipments: Dispatching, delivering, and returning notifications;
  • Client management: Account management, including regular check-in emails, can be done
  • Transcribe and summarize meetings with the help of AI



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